satori      keeping a peaceful heart

                                            in chaotic times

jill slane and laurie murphy, PhD


     I have always been a writer, though admittedly in my earlier years, much of my writing was committed to memory rather than paper.  So, it seemed natural that when my neighbor, Jill, told me about her vision to reach the world through a Satori book, I jumped at the chance to co-author.  Two months, I said, at most, for completion, since after all, both she and I shared a similar philosophy of peace and harmony. 

     Each morning we would meet before work, passing the manuscript back and forth.  Even in its primitive state, we were both “in love” with our work, but once the honeymoon phase lifted, there was still so much fine-tuning to be done.  The manuscript was edited over and over, each time promising to be perfect, each time kindly and subtly rejected by her, until well into 26 edits later, I found my frustration level peaking.  What is wrong with her, I wondered?  How could my words be improved upon?  She gently coaxed me, guided me, and encouraged me, but would not give in on principal.  The manuscript had not come into its own.

     Then Jill said something that changed everything.  She pointed out that I was writing from my head, rather than my heart.  Satori is all heart.  Something clicked!  It was my very own Satori moment!  I got it!  Once my frustration quieted, my heart knew the way.

     The actual book took more than 12 months, and 36 edits, to complete and was a true labor of love. Chapters one and two are written with “head-thinking”, but as the book continues, the reader will not only grow themselves, but they will bear witness to my personal growth, my Satori growth, on the pages in black and white!  I was suddenly thinking and writing with my heart. The shift happened to me…it is the shift that will occur in everyone who truly embraces the concept that the human spirit longs for happiness, love and peace.  Gratefully, through her patient teachings, the book is written from the heart …and is Satori.

Laurie Murphy, PhD - co-author


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