Welcome to Satori!  It’s a little word with a big heart, and even bigger plans for your hopes and dreams.  If you’ve ever questioned whether you are really happy, whether you have made the best personal and professional choices, and long for something more, this book is for you.  Even if you haven’t been able to identify exactly what is not quite right, it is enough to know that the unsettled feelings floating around in your head have merit.   These feelings are spoken directly to you from your heart.   Should you choose not to heed these messages, it is likely you will wake up five or ten years from now with the same unfinished issues.  

     In many ways this book gives you “permission” to really think about the secret desires and wishes you have been putting off for so long, and incorporate an emotional blueprint leading you from visualization to realization.  Think of Satori as the bulldozer that clears emotional debris so that your path to inner peace and happiness is free of obstacles.  If you have ever dared to dream of a less complicated, stress-free life, then you only have to read the signpost that says, “Satori:  Only 13 chapters to happiness.”  Thank you for the privilege of accompanying you on your journey.

The meaning of the word “Satori


      (n. a state of sudden spiritual enlightenment; an intuitive comprehension of the nature of reality that transcends conceptual thought and cannot be expressed through “words and letters”.) 

     The word Satori (in Japanese) literally means “understanding”.

  It is a word that at first glance appears complicated, strange and intimidating.  It is a word that sounds like it should only be spoken by the elite, and may seem strange and foreign as you first say it.  Certainly you might not expect to use the word Satori in everyday conversation, and yet surprisingly, you will.  Satori musically rolls off your tongue and tantalizes your senses.   Satori is faithful and true.  It is loyal and keeps promises.  It has the ability to change your thinking and reshape your view of life.  Like an old friend, wherever you go, Satori follows!  In fact, you are about to fall in love with Satori.  Satori is about to change your life!  

     Before we actually learn about Satori and all the positives that it incorporates, it is worth spending some time recognizing exactly the amount of stress under which you have been functioning, and how this stress has malignantly spread over the last several decades. 

     You might expect to dive head-first into stress-relief, but that is not the manner in which this book unfolds.    This book mimics your life.  It begins with stress.  Chapters one and two identify the magnitude and impact of stress in black and white, allowing you to really evaluate your current inner turmoil.  Chapter three transitions you from that stress into an invitation to identify and change those factors in your life that have taken over and controlled your unhappiness.  We call chapter three a “push/pull” chapter, meaning you will eagerly welcome anticipated changes, while at the same time be inclined to resist the unknown.  This ambivalence has to do with introspection and soul-searching, and is to be expected.  Soon you will find your new voice as you progress from chapters four through thirteen.   As the chapters and exercises build upon each other you will become more and more comfortable in your new “Satori” skin as it challenges, comforts, balances, and grows with you.   

     Individually, we are all tired, running out of ideas and resources to de-stress.  In fact in many ways we have given up, feeling as though we are part of a cattle drive, stampeded by our fellow man, running for our lives.  But where are we headed, where are we running to?  There are solutions to be found and more peaceful days ahead.

Your job is simple… all that is required of you is to read each chapter with an open mind.  That’s it!  Just be open to the possibilities.   Following each chapter, you will find practical exercises to transition you from the text and integrate what you have learned into your personal life.  Then you will be given a Satori exercise to complete.   Included with this book is a CD, which should be used when practicing the Satori exercises. This CD has been composed by musicologist Rod Slane, using sound waves and his clinically proven science called “Quantum Harmonics”.  Listening to this CD using stereo headphones for just fifteen minutes per day will help “train” your brain to remain calm and composed in stressful situations.  Prior to listening to the CD, read the Satori exercise for that specific chapter.  This innovative method of discovering your inner desires while you calm your thoughts has already begun to  create the focus needed to position you on your true life’s path. It is important that you never listen to your Satori CD while driving your car, or at times when concentration is essential.   Ideally, you will read no more than one Satori chapter each day.  This will allow you ample time to implement the practical exercises into your daily life.  If you need a few days to absorb the Satori lesson, please feel free to take your time.  Remember, Satori is a journey, not a race.        

     You should strive to listen to the Satori CD daily, even if you do not move forward in the chapters.  Each time you use the Satori CD, you are building new neural pathways, making the Satori process that much easier.   There are no spoken guides or hidden messages on your Satori CD.   In time, you will find yourself having pleasant dreamlike images during your Satori time.  Be assured, these thoughts are all yours... they represent the language of your heart. 

Chapter by chapter we will also follow one person’s true story, as they search for happiness, and the lifestyle- changes that occur as the result of incorporating Satori into their life.  As you will see, the results can be quite dramatic. Feel free to identify and grow along with this person.

Satori awaits you…