About the Authors

Slane and Murphy came together at the exact moment that their separate dreams of a happier, more peaceful world collided, culminating in the writing the book,


Keeping a Peaceful Heart in Chaotic Times.







Laurie Murphy RN, Ph.D. and her partner, Dr. Nadir Baksh, share a counseling practice specializing in treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression and Family Therapy.

In their practice, they became frustrated that those individuals who could not afford treatment would not be reached.  It was for that reason that they co-authored a series of books on parenting, including In The Best Interest of the Child, A Manual for Divorcing Parents, You Don’t Know Anything, A Manual for Parenting Your Teenager, and 8 Strategies for Successful Step-parenting. Hohm Press.  (All books available online at or through your local book seller).

Jill Slane, is the co-founder of Prescription Audio, a company, through outlets as diverse as the United States Military and the countries most highly rated spas, has helped thousands of people achieve Satori in their lives.

Jill has produced numerous feature films and documentaries, and thousands of commercials through her production companies, Dreams Beyond Productions (US) and Dreams Beyond Pictures (Europe).  The gift of Satori has transformed her family, and she has dedicated her life to sharing that gift to others who are searching for happiness and inner peace.


keeping a peaceful heart

in chaotic times